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niix BI System provides powerful yet user friendly features for data extraction, analytics, sorting, filtering, dashboards, scorecards, automated alerts, forecasting, predictive analysis, reporting, graphs, charts, gauges and other unique and valuable tools to satisfy every user requirement.

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niix Business Intelligence System

niix Business Intelligence System (BI) is developed with business user in mind which offers a user friendly tool for business information collection, management and analysis process intended to enable business decision makers at all levels of access to knowledge or insight, prompting them to make profitable decisions making, tactical and strategic decision making. It transform data from a system via online analytical processing, data mining and data display techniques for data analysis in order to achieve business value. The features and functions help you analyze organizational data in order to optimize performance and stay competitive within your market.

niix BI System provides company strategic operating systems extract useful data and clean up, to ensure data accuracy, and then after extraction, transformation and load into an enterprise-class data warehouse, enterprise data to obtain a global view, on this basis, using the appropriate query and analysis tools and data mining tools to provide analytical report to management for further actions and decision makings. niix BI System is based on stable and integrated platform with user management, security, control, connection and data source access, data analyze, report and graph generation functions, etc.
  • Web-based Interface
  • Provide Web-based access to corporate data which enables information readily available at real time and accessible at anytime and anywhere.

  • User Management
  • Enable how users and groups are managed such as accessibility to specific features in the BI system and etc.

  • Data Integration
  • Data which is scattered in several business systems and multiple heterogeneous sources can be extracted, integrated and transformed into data warehouse for report generating purpose.

  • Flexible Formatting Options
  • Information gathered can be output in the form of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Web pages, Adobe PDF files, and a wide variety of other formats such as report, scorecards, dashboards, chart and graph to allow users to easily understand analytical result such as business and market situation.

  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Powerful, yet simple and user-friendly ad hoc reporting capabilities make it easy for user at all levels to easily and quickly build and run their own reports at any time without requiring of programming skill.

  • Automated Information Distribution
  • Information distribution can be automatically run at pre-set interval which helps ensure real time data to be distributed to designated user via email & etc.