Why niix TMS?

niix TMS features unmatched utility technology built to effectively create employee training program and assessments, publish training programs & etc. In addition, niix TMS provides big payoffs for the employer in improving knowledge and competency of employee and further improve productivity and efficiency of the company.

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niix Training Management System

niix Training Management System (TMS) is a sophisticated, comprehensive and secure web-based employee training management solution designed to fit any organization size and industries. Whether you are a global multinational companies or local small and medium enterprise, you can leverage the state-of-art functionality and simplicity of niix Training Management System (TMS) to meet your company training objective, improve employee competency for daily job operations, job duties and responsibilities as well as overall competitive edge of your organization.

niix Training Management System (TMS) is a user friendly and robust system with comprehensive features required to manage your employee training programs and assessments. enables organization to develop training program, training content, schedule, assessment with tracking history based on employee, department, training program and assessment. Which the result of assessment further determined the employee training needs and effectiveness of the training itself.

Automated email notifications and reminders enable employee to be on track with their training activities. Web based system enable employee to access training program without time zone and geographical barriers. Ultimately, niix TMS provides organization to improve employee training management and develop knowledge worker at a much more efficient, productive and cost effective manner.
  • Training program setting
  • A flexible feature for trainer to setup training details, content, training schedule, score of individual assessment, etc which can be duplicated for unlimited number of times.

  • HTML editor
  • Training content can be written in HTML editor format to strive on more specific contents.

  • User security
  • Defines the user profile and authority to access specific feature, access rights to create, edit or delete training program, assign the training program and assessment to individual employee, group or department.

  • Department management
  • Enable setting up of multiple departments according to organization structure and to be used for training program assignment.

  • Training content
  • To establishes parameters for employee training outline, training content and requirements, such as setup training material with in depth guide to a specific job requirement or knowledge for employee.

  • Assessment
  • Assessment can be in the format of Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill-in-The-Blank and Fill-in-The-Blank + Multiple Choices.

  • Training Parameters
  • To setup the training program's schedule such as start date, end date, assigning training program to individual employee, department, group, entire organization, etc.

  • Record Training
  • To list down a series of trainings that is pending for the employee to participate and take on.

  • Pending Course
  • To list down a series of courses that is pending for the trainee to participate and take on.

  • Email Notification
  • Automated email notification to notify related employee, group or entire organization for related training program and assessment.

  • Certificate
  • Serve as the certification that the employee has successfully completed specific training program and assessments. The format and template of the certificate can be uploaded to the system to ensure standardization.

  • Supporting attachment
  • Each training program can be attached with additional reference materials with the purpose to provide better understanding or serve as additional reference of the training content for employee. The supporting file format can be in images, audio, video, scanned document, drawing, MS Office document & etc.